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Who are we? Meet us :)

Published, 08.07.2019.


Who are we? We are an agricultural company with over 25 years of experience in retail and wholesale. Read more about us and become our partner.

Who are we?

Hello, You are browsing through Agrokuća website. Let’s start our friendship, You can also follow us via our social network. We invite You to become our partner. In our well-equipped branch offices, we supply our customers in Croatia with a wide range of protective agents in agriculture, fertilizers, livestock feed, seeds, tools and auxiliary equipment for agriculture. Our skilled employees are top experts in the field of agriculture and the company itself has nearly 30 years of experience in this business.

Garden center in Koprivnica

In our Garden center in Koprivnica we offer flowers and plants from our own production.

We also sell indoor plants, ornamental shrubs, fruit seedlings. Furthermore, we offer a wide range of functional and decorative items from Home&Garden programme. Also, You can find a wide variety of tools, flower pots and functional items for your environment. We offer fertilizers and soil for Your plants…

Flower&Gift shop

We have our own flower shop within the Garden center. Our skilled florists create the most beautiful decorations for our customers.

We supply our customers troughout Croatia. Feel free to contact us.